Total Audio & Visual Needs

ZAXSONS was started by Grant Jackson in 1992 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Grant first started his career in the audio-visual industry in 1989 when he worked for Inteltec, installing a comprehensive rental TV system at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

The system that was originally installed was in need of several upgrades in both the new and existing wards. The work was non-stop for 2 years, and involved installing over 400 new outlets off the one antenna system; installing the computer chips that switched the TVs on and off; and providing ongoing replacements of faulty sets and repairs.

During that time, the hospital decided that the addition of pay TV would take the hospital TV system to the next level. The expert at that time brought in by Eastcoast TV (the pay TV company that became Austar and now Foxtel) to oversee the upgrade was an American called Steve Muldoon, who came all the way from Colorado in the U.S.A.

Expanding our expertise

When Steve saw the system and the upgrades that Grant had made over the years, as well as the new wards he had added to the system, he noticed Grant’s extensive knowledge and offered him a job working at Eastcoast. Here, Grant programmed the decoders to be sent back out into the field, inspected the work of the other installers Eastcoast used and completed various commercial jobs for a range of different clients.

Grant worked for Eastcoast TV during the week, and throughout the course of his employment he was often asked to do work that wasn’t part of Eastcoast services. Seeing an opportunity, he would book the work in for weekends to meet the high demands for the service and make a bit of extra money.

However, soon things got so busy for him that he seized the opportunity to start working full time for himself & as a result, ZAXSONS was founded. 27 years later, the business is thriving and continually expanding to include a huge variety of technical services.

Now the business offers everything from installation of CCTV and alarm systems to helping residents set up their dream home theatre.

Today the business has expanded and Grant has partnered with David Herridge to expand the business in different and more diverse directions in the audio video industry with particular emphasis on high standards and working to budgets