If you are thinking of installing electric gates or a locked gate or door system ZAXSONS can help you with your monitoring and CCTV associated with gate monitoring systems.

We can install monitor systems in new houses or retro fit them to your house as you upgrade or add to an existing gate system and also installation of monitors and gate openers throughout the premises so the gates can be opened and viewed from several places throughout the house or business.

Gate systems can be problematic if not installed correctly and the longer the cable run, the more they become a problem.

At ZAXSONS we can advise on what is the best type of system and the best way to have it installed and we also have a preferred gate maker and installer to make sure things fit together smoothly and run how they are designed too and fully integrate into the gate monitor and opening system if you need one.

ZAXSONS can install your gate monitoring system and intercom, key pad, swipe card or any combinations or multiples of the system throughout the house, unit, complex, multi-dwellings or business.