When you mention satellite most people instantly think of Foxtel but there is a lot more to satellite than pay tv although we can help you with any of your pay tv problems or queries.

The satellite system ranges in diversity from businesses using it for in store music to internet on boats and even just getting your normal tv reception.
ZAXSONS can install your satellite system from the smallest 45cm satellite dish right up to 3 metre satellite dishes or bigger for the purpose you require.

Some of the systems ZAXSONS regularly deal with are Ethnic and religious based reception form overseas to the installation of marine dishes on pleasure or commercial boats and even direct to home satellite free to air channels you would normally see with an antenna.

V.A.S.T Satellite System

The V.A.S.T satellite system is the solution for people who live out of range of normal terrestrial reception from a transmission station or repeater.

V.A.S.T stands for viewer access satellite television and is ran by the Australian government for people that cant get tv reception from normal means.

V.A.S.T requires a satellite dish and decoder and registration from the relevant body so its only used for the purpose it was originally designed for with the exception that travelers are allowed temporary registrations lasting 6 months at a time but are able to be changed to different states for local content as you are traveling through them.

If you are not planning on traveling you can apply for permanent registration which doesn’t need to be reapplied for at any time in the future and with no ongoing costs apart from initial setup.

Call ZAXSONS today with any of your satellite requirements and we can help with all aspects of what you are wanting to achieve or install