Commercial head end systems need the highest amount of both digital signal and signal quality straight from the antenna before amplifiers are even considered in the system, so at ZAXSONS all commercial antenna installations are done using the best antennas, even with direct line of site to the mountain giving the best signal quality even at the furthest point from the antenna.

All commercial antenna systems are of the highest quality using the best commercial slope gain amplifiers, highest grade cable, latest compression connectors and splitters and to Foxtel specifications. This makes it simple to integrate with pay tv services or other satellite services if you want to add them at any time in the future.

All commercial systems are made with future possibilities in mind. This is achieved by talking personally to the owners about what they need now and their ideas and needs in the future. This information can then be integrated into the system now, making it easier to implement in future.

At ZAXSONS all commercial installations come with a set of circuit diagrams showing where every part utilised is situated, with all outlet readings taken and written down, so problems that may occur can be easily found using the circuit diagram with the least amount of inconvenience to the client at the premises.

All commercial installations are installed with a full 5 year guarantee and also come with a specific phone number that can be called 24/7 and we will attend straight away to the fault as we know a commercial system needs to be up and going at all times.

ZAXSONS is fully insured with height assessment, white cards and Foxtel approved employees.